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Before starting to read the following healing testimonials, the reader’s attention is drawn to these very important observations re breast and other cancer overdiagnosis and overtreatment as well as to the well-known power of the placebo effect as illustrated in these examples.

Breast Cancer ("lobular, infiltrating carcinoma") Healing 8

Nov. 3, 2003
To All,
Well, I have told you I would give this report, but have had the most exasperating WAITING experience, getting the full report from the Radiologist. But I got it this evening.
So now I will begin at the beginning.

When this lump came up in my breast, on Oct. 8, 2002, I went to the doctor. He looked at it and said "Boy, that is a big one!" He sent me to the hospital for an UltraSound. And then a biopsy. (I can't believe that I let them do that biopsy, but I think I was in shock).

Anyway, from that biopsy, I learned that I had "lobular, infiltrating carcinoma". When I went back to the doctor, he said "well it is malignant, so the first step will be a double mastectomy, followed by chemo".

I said "wait, wait! No, I don't plan to do those things. My husband had pancreatic cancer in 1994, and we used alternative treatments and he recovered. I have written up a copy of his story, from my journal, and I have brought you a copy of it. I plan to do the same thing that my husband did, but I willl need a doctor to order lab reports, etc." He said, "Sure, I will help you." As he left the room, he said "call me when you need something."

From that day forward he would never return a call from me. I tried to call him for about 2 weeks. I presume, when he read that report and saw that it was all alternative things that we used, that it must have scared him to death, and he dropped me like a hot potato. It was so unprofessional that I still cannot believe that a doctor would tell me what he did, and then would never return my calls. It seems like he should have been man enough to call me and tell me that he did not want to be involved with that kind of treatment. But NO, he said nothing.

So I had to get established with a new doctor. I selected a female doctor of osteopathic. When I saw her the first time, I told her the same thing I had told the first doctor and she agreed to work with me.

I had the films with me and she studied them and did a physical exam. She found in the film, that a lymph node was also involved. She said I am going to measure (that lump) in the breast. She did and put the measurement down in my chart. The last time she measured it, she told me it was 6 centimeters in diameter.

Some months later, she recommended that I have a PET scan, which I found out, also included having a CAT scan. In the PET scan they inserted an IV into my arm. Away from the skin about 1 or 2 inches, the tube made a Y and then there were 2 tubes away from there. They put a syringe into each tube. One syringe contained radio-active isotopes and the other tube contained sugar water. They were inserted into the IV simultaneously.

I was told that the sugar would go to every cancer cell in my body and they would be able to track it by the isotopes. The report showed that there were no cancer cells anywhere in my body, except some, still in the original site.

But I have had a terrible time getting the measurement of it, as I was told I would be able to get. The radiologist "had to locate my files, and pull the film, and measure it" and he apparently could not find time to do that. I have called repeatedly.

Finally this evening I received the call I have been waiting for - at that time, in September, the tumor measured 1.3 Hallelujah and Praise be to God!!!

Of course I knew that the tumor had shrunk, but nothing speaks as loudly as NUMBERS. I consider a reduction from 6 centimeters to 1.3 is absolutely WONDERFUL!!! That much reduction has happened in 13 months, so I feel like surely that in 6 more months, it will be totally gone. The lymph node is completely diminished and cannot be seen in film or physical exam.

Coincidentally, I had decided today, to add vegetable juice to my regimen. I take the flaxseed oil/cottage cheese for breakfast, the vegetable juice at noon, and eat a small amount in the evening.

I am so happy to be able to give you THIS report.
And there you have it - - - "the rest of the story".
I could not be more elated.

Update August 2006: While Nan Parsons “fought a successful battle” with breast cancer, she died in her sleep Aug 3, 2006 after having suffered a stroke in January of the same year. It is not known how closely she had followed Dr. Budwig’s dietary and lifestyle recommendations after recovering from breast cancer.

Breast cancer cure 9

A number of years ago a woman in the church where we attend was found to have breast cancer. She was terrified at first but began the use of flaxseed oil plus cottage cheese. They did a lumpectomy and then gave her 35 radiation treatments to "be sure that the cancer cells were all gone". She is fine today. What brought the "wellness"? The doctors are pleased that the treatments were so successful.

Compare Cancer Causes (On Health Effects (Cancer Risk) of Small Doses of Ionizing Radiation), Ionizing Radiation (Fluoroscopy/Mammography/Medical X-Rays) Proven Causes of Breast Cancer, Combatting radiation poisoning tips and Radiation burns treatment.

Breast cancer healing 10

This morning, March 26, 1999, there is a new development that I feel we should add to this document. On Saturday January 23 I went to a prostate cancer support group meeting for the first time.

It was a bad morning to drive and a gentleman came for the first, and perhaps only, time. He took a cancer tape with him. Just after that his wife was found to have a rare, fast growing tumor that was developing in the aftermath of a mastectomy.

The prognosis was very grim and the doctor gave her little hope. It was determined that chemo would be given in an effort to slow down the cancer but the only hope for survival would probably have to be stem cell transplants, which in itself is a dangerous procedure. She was very concerned and frightened concerning the future.

Having become aware of the values of flaxseed oil she began using it at six tablespoons a day and had gotten a rebounder and was using that at first, but had to abandon that because it aggravated something in connection with the chemo, as I understand. She told the doctor that she was using flaxseed oil with cottage cheese. His only comment was that she should go ahead; that it couldn't hurt.

After the third treatment, the tumor has disappeared. The doctor told her that he could guarantee that the cancer would return unless she went with further treatment.

They are going to do further treatments with a drug that is supposed to strengthen the immune system. She is sure that the flaxseed oil with cottage cheese has played the major role in the situation but that won't be recognized.

However the only thing that matters is that the crisis appears to be over, the stem cell procedure won't need to be used, she is feeling very good about it but hardly daring to believe yet that she is facing a normal future.

She will be continuing the use of flaxseed oil with cottage cheese and depending on a strong immune system to prevent any recurrence. She is very much aware that the meeting that day was more than coincidence. The weather was terrible, her husband almost turned back twice and Mary Anna was very much opposed to my going. She is aware that The Lord was watching over her and we believe that also.

If I learn of any definite results from anyone else I will add it to this scientifically unacceptable, but nevertheless accurate anecdotal document.

Breast cancer ("malignant invasive lobular carcinoma") cure 11

by Neenah Payne • published by Healing Cancer Naturally with permission

I was diagnosed September 28, 2004 with breast cancer of 1.4 centimeters. The breast cancer surgeon told me that if I didn't have a lumpectomy and radiation within a month (and possibly chemotherapy later), the cancer would spread, shut down one organ after another, and inevitably kill me. I chose not to follow the mainstream approach because it made no sense to me.

The surgeon assured me that the lump was not going to shrink with an alternative approach and warned me how risky my decision was. I was fortunate enough to learn about Dr. Budwig's formula within a week of canceling the surgery scheduled for November 3. When I started Dr. Budwig's formula in mid-November, the first thing I noticed was that, in one week, two patches of gray hair that had just emerged disappeared!

When I saw my acupuncturists on December 18, the lump had shrunk a bit to 1.2 cm. I didn't see them again until January 8, by which time it had shrunk 50%. I saw them again two weeks later and it had shrunk another 50%. It continued to shrink every week until the end of April, my acupuncturists told me that it was no longer palpable. For the first time in my life, my nails are also getting nice and strong.

My primary acupuncturist was so impressed by the results that she asked me for a list of the books I had read. She knew that I had done a lot of research and had read over 30 books trying to find an alternative approach. The manager of my health food store also wanted a list of the books so he could buy some for the store. I created a Book List that I gave them. My acupuncturist shared it with some of her patients. She also started taking Dr. Budwig's formula as well as grinding flaxeed every day herself.

Later, I added a list of the videos I felt had been helpful, and added a lot more information to the Book List and changed the name to a "Quick Reference". It is about 30 pages now [you can request a copy from Neenahep at aol.com]. My acupuncturist gave this document to eight patients. Three of her most critical patients now follow Dr. Budwig's diet and are doing quite well. One patient has arthritis and two others have neuro endocrine tumors.

The manager at my health food store said that one customer bought Dr. Budwig's books and she is following her diet as a remedy for her heart disease. It reminded me that one of Dr. Budwig's books mentions arthritis and heart disease before it even mentions cancer.

We can heal ourselves and help others to do likewise!

Note by Healing Cancer Naturally

The flaxoil/cottage cheese or quark mixture is indeed one of the backbones of Dr. Johanna Budwig’s natural healing protocol for cancer and other degenerative disease. But compare Is the Budwig Protocol “just flaxseed oil and cottage cheese”?

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