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Hope for breast cancer patients: cure testimonial

Terminal breast cancer healed via Budwig protocol, healthy today

February 2006, author known to Healing Cancer Naturally

Introduction by Healing Cancer Naturally

The following is one cancer victor’s — whom I will call Mary — highly encouraging report on how she healed herself of “terminal” breast cancer based on or rather inspired by the healing diet & protocol specified and successfully applied on hundreds of cancer patients by the late Dr. Johanna Budwig of Germany.

While Mary’s real-life story is a highly positive and encouraging testimony to the power of the human mind and to the body's ability to heal itself against all doctors’ predictions as soon as it is properly nourished and supported by a "winning attitude", the reader’s attention is drawn to the fact that Mary achieved her healing while sidestepping or deviating from some of Dr. Budwig's instructions.

In other words, if you want to maximise your own or a loved one’s chances of recovery from cancer, Dr. Budwig is likely to have urged you to take the following healing report solely as an uplifting inspiration and general guideline as to what has successfully worked in one individual case while referring and sticking to the original protocol prescribed by Dr. Budwig and discussed in Budwig Protocol (1), Budwig diet implementation, Budwig FAQ, and of course explained in the three books by Dr. Budwig so far translated: the Oil-Protein Cookbook, Flax Oil As A True Aid and Cancer — The Problem and the Solution.

If you don’t have her books (yet), Healing Cancer Naturally’s comprehensive Budwig section covers the minutiae of the exact everyday application in considerable detail in numerous articles based on Dr. Budwig’s original German writings.

Before starting to read the following healing testimonial, the reader’s attention is drawn to these very important observations re breast and other Cancer overdiagnosis and overtreatment.

And now over to Mary’s upbeat “terminal” cancer cure account:

Diagnosis and the conventional arsenal: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2001. I had 2 surgeries, 47 rounds of radiation and 4 months of chemo.

Then in June 2005, I was told that the cancer had metastasized to my spine. I had a very invasive surgery on June 11, 2005, so they could try to get a piece of the bone where they thought the cancer was located. You see, it was eating holes in my spine.

The surgery was a success and they got 2 chunks of bone off T-10 and sent to pathology. It came back positive for breast cancer. They gave me 20 months to live. They say when it spreads to your spine, it takes very few months for it to spread to other organs such as kidneys, bladder, lungs, etc. Then you die.

But first, they want you to go through radiation and chemo again and again until you die. Way too much sickness for me!

So in July 2005, I had only 10 rounds of radiation and said NO MORE! No chemo! Nothing! If I am going to die, let me die enjoying life!

Starting on my path to healing

But ... I'm not going to die. I decided to win this battle against breast cancer. [Compare Healing Cancer & Your Mind.] So I did a bunch of research and came across a doctor from Germany who claims to have found the cure for cancer. It is simple.

Take liquid cold-pressed organic flaxseed oil with sulfurated protein (as found in what is called quark in Germany... cottage cheese is often used as substitute in America though you now also get quark in a number of places, or you can easily make quark yourself) and eat only fresh foods, such as veggies and fruits, and get sunlight.

Terminal breast cancer cured in record time

So I have been doing this for what? 8 months? I had repeat bone scan, MRI and CT scan in November. Not only is the cancer gone, but there is new bone growing in the holes where the cancer ate it away!!! My oncologist is stunned! I am thrilled :)

And....... through all this, the first cancer diagnosis in 2001 and the second in 2005, I have NEVER once heard from the ACS [American Cancer Society]. I have donated. I have heard they contact all cancer patients. But I have NOT heard one word! No, I will not be donating to them this year. I would rather donate to other organizations, such as SSSA to help people get to conferences :)

Details of my personal healing plan: quantities of flax oil/cottage cheese mixture consumed, daily eating plan, exercise, sunshine etc.

As mentioned in the introduction, the plan I have followed deviates in some points from the eating and lifestyle protocol outlined by Dr. Johanna Budwig. So the below description is not meant as a blueprint for others to follow but is shared in the spirit of inspiring and encouraging them to start out on their own successful healing path.

You will find detailed instructions regarding the properly done diet & protocol as prescribed by Dr. Budwig in the above-mentioned sources.

One of the centerpieces of Dr. Budwig’s healing plan as mentioned involves the regular ingestion of flaxseed oil (high in omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids) thoroughly blended with sulfurated protein from cottage cheese or quark.

When combining the flaxseed oil with sulfurated protein in this manner, the sulfurated protein allows the flaxseed oil to become water-soluble, which in turn allows each and every cell in your body to easily take up the flaxseed oil. When the cells take up the flaxseed oil, they become full of oxygen and healthy. Cancer cannot live where oxygen is in abundance.

Personally, when I was fighting the cancer in June, July, August & September, I took the mixture 3 times a day. Now I take it once or twice a day. I think that someone who has cancer that has spread to their internal organs such as lungs, kidneys, liver, etc. may need to take the combination 6–8 times a day.

In fact, I feel they are basically going to live on this stuff for 3–6 months and only eat fresh veggies and fresh fruit if they are still hungry. The more you take, the better and faster it may fight cancer.

I drink the flaxseed oil directly off the spoon & wash it down with a gulp of milk and then immediately eat the cottage cheese with fresh pineapple & pepper. Or fresh strawberries & kiwi or other fresh fruit. Sometimes I mix grated carrots and finely diced celery in my cottage cheese for a different flavor.

Note by Healing Cancer Naturally: The above is where Mary most strongly deviates from Dr. Budwig’s prescription which says to thoroughly blend the cottage cheese or quark with the flax oil prior to ingestion. Again, a reminder that Dr. Budwig would have insisted that her original recipe and entire regimen be followed to ensure maximum long-term effectiveness.

For someone who has become cancer-free, once a day should be enough. But you have to make a commitment to yourself to do this for the rest of your life. It is the only sure way to prevent the cancer from coming back.

My general dietary regimen

It is very important to change the way you eat. It is a must to stay away from processed foods. No margarine. No mayonnaise. If you must, use real butter instead [for ill persons, Dr. Budwig advises against butter, see What are respiratory poisons?, and suggests “oleolux” self-made from coconut oil and flax oil in its stead.]

If you want a treat of chips, eat regular flavored frito's corn chips. They have NO preservatives! Stick with fresh veggies, eat them raw in a salad or go ahead and cook them. Eat fresh fruits, any kind you like.

Chunks of cheese such as bits of cheddar, jack, mozzarella, and so on are also good to eat with or between these meals, since there is a small amount of sulfurated protein in them. But stay away from processed cheeses like sliced sandwich cheese.

When going out to eat at a place such as Togo's, I would order Swiss or cheddar cheese on my sandwich, not American processed cheese. Make sure to drink lots of water each day [Dr. Budwig recommends herbal teas and fresh juices, see Budwig regimen implementation]. This is harder for me than the flaxseed oil & cottage cheese!


I also found it personally important to get exercise. If I were very sick and could barely get around, I would start out walking once around my house three times a day. I would slowly increase this to walks up and down my street and then increase to around the block and then 1–3 miles per day.

Personally I prefer some type of aerobics, so I found a video/DVD that I could start out slowly with. I use Richard Simmons Sweatin’ to the Oldies :)

Compare Activate your lymphatic system and On cancer prevention and exercise: scientific research studies into protective effects of physical activity & training on cancer incidence, risk & mortality.


In addition, it is very important to get sunshine. The sun's rays are healthy so long as one doesn't stay out long enough to burn one’s skin. I would get at least 15 minutes per day of sunshine. This can be done by taking a walk outdoors and thus getting one’s exercise and sunshine at the same time.

Compare Healing Cancer With Light.

When you combine the sunshine, exercise & healthy eating habits with the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese, you have what I call "My Sunshine Program".

Winning my cancer battle with a bonus: victorious battle of the bulge

Not only have I won the battle against cancer (without chemo this time around, and let's face it... chemo does not CURE cancer. It slows the progress down. Flaxseed oil combined with sulfurated protein is the ONLY CURE for cancer in my experience), but there is new bone growing where the cancer had eaten it away.

Plus, the scar tissue in my right breast was about the size of a golf ball. This scar tissue has shown up on all my mammograms since my surgery in 2001. It was there in March 2005 as usual. But in the November mammogram, the scar tissue had shrunk to the size of a penny! I fully expect it to be gone by the mammogram in March 2006!

And to top all this off, I have lost weight! I have lost 70 pounds! Just from eating right and exercising! Woo hoo! And I am hoping to lose another 10 pounds by the time I see my friend X in July. :)

A little secret with the weight loss..... when I say eat only fresh veggies and fresh fruits, I'm not saying to eat huge meals fit for a king. I found the trick of weight loss whether or not you are fighting cancer to be the following:

Eat SMALL meals every 2 - 3 hours. For example, my salad is in a bowl size that we would feed a toddler. The next meal 2 hours later may be an apple or a bowl of miso soup [miso: paste made from fermented soya beans and barley or rice malt, used in Japanese/macrobiotic cookery].

Then 2 hours later I may eat cottage cheese/pineapple. And again, I will eat a salad 2 hours later, the next meal may be oatmeal or cream of wheat or a half a turkey & cheese sandwich on Orowheat Carb Counting bread [but please know that Dr. Budwig advises against all meat consumption].

If you do this, you are letting your body know that it is going to be fed regularly, therefore, it processes and utilizes all the food you take in.

But if you only eat once or twice a day, whether you are eating like a bird or meals fit for a king, your body goes into starvation mode. It doesn't know when the next meal is coming so it converts everything you eat into fat for emergency storage.

Treating yourself

Please remember to give yourself a treat now and then. I love chocolate frozen yogurt. Every couple of months, I will go over and get a small frozen yogurt with carob raisins on it! There must be some type of treat/reward. It makes all the hard work worth every minute.

Note by Healing Cancer Naturally: There are a number of ways to treat yourself while sticking to Dr. Budwig’s dietary guidelines, see her Oil-Protein Cookbook. The diet itself can be prepared to taste delicious.

My summary, tips & a smoothie recipe

Smoothie recipe: My husband and son, who are diabetic, high cholesterol[1], high blood pressure (no longer require meds) make a smoothie with flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. Here's their recipe:

3–5 tablespoons flaxseed oil
1/4 cup cottage cheese
3/4 cup milk
1/3 banana
2 strawberries
1/2 scoop strawberry whey protein powder (you could use strawberry nestle quik, but you wouldn't get the benefits of protein for muscle strength)
They mix this in the blender and drink immediately.

I strongly encourage you to buy Dr. Budwig's books.

There are just a few things I would remember:

1. Buy ONLY Barlean's brand Flaxseed Oil in liquid form in the fridge department at your local vitamin/health food store. This is the ONLY brand that Dr. Budwig endorsed as she saw the way it is processed & packaged and it met her approval.

It is in a dark brown bottle with a tan color label and says, "Barlean's Flax Oil Supplement cold pressed fresh daily 100% organic". [There are meanwhile other good and equally recommended organic brands such as Spectrum’s.]

2. Get some form of exercise every day.

3. Eat only fresh fruits & veggies and healthy other foods such as meso [miso] soup, oatmeal, cream of wheat, Orowheat Carb Counting bread. [See Dr. Budwig’s oil-protein cookbook for Dr. Budwig’s exact recommendations for cancer patients which do not include wheat products.]

4. Treat yourself once in a while but keep in mind that cancer thrives on sugar and Dr. Budwig expressly forbids sugar... so limit the sweets (for a treat, I also go to macaroni grill and get pasta fagul soup, salad, and bread with olive oil and fresh ground pepper... yum yum!)


1 High cholesterol actually can have anti-cancer benefits, see On the link between cholesterol and cancer incidence: High cholesterol levels associated with lower cancer risk.

DOCTORS BAFFLED — "My cancer is gone!"
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