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Clear Winner & Best Juicer for Health Purposes in the General Category

The Green Star (Green Power)?

by Healing Cancer Naturally, copyright © 2004, 2005 & 2008

In my article Best juicers, especially for cancer patients, I have included the findings of Dr. Max Gerson (inventor of the Gerson juice therapy for cancer and other degenerative disease) concerning the question which juicer he found most effective in the healing of cancer.

While Dr. Gerson’s conclusions may seem to impose the use of a grinding-plus-pressing type of juicer (such as the Norwalk) for more seriously ill cancer patients to properly heal, there are others such as cancer victor Bob Davis who do not recommend any specific juicer while observing that “Often a juice fasting procedure is all that is needed for successfully treating cancer. ...I have seen many people make complete recoveries from cancer by juicing alone”.

From my own research (necessarily incomplete since the "juicer market" keeps evolving), the winner among juicers in the general category is the Green Star: it appears to be the best juicer overall for health purposes - so much so that I purchased a Green Star GS-1000 myself and have made it the only product on this extensive site (apart from powdered zeolite-clinoptilolite and certain books), that I expressly endorse for people wishing to include juicing as part of a health-promoting lifestyle.

In case you should wish to purchase this juicer (or any other product for that matter) from Amazon, please know that at no extra cost to you, you can support the humanitarian work of this site by doing your shopping via Healing Cancer Naturally's Amazon partner links which you can find under Buying a Green Star (Green Power) Juicer at a Discount from Amazon.

Why I Use and Recommend the Green Star (Green Power) Juice Extractor

by Ulla, creator & designer of Healing Cancer Naturally, copyright © 2004, 2005 & 2008

(I will start by listing the technical specifications, followed by some personal observations.)

Excellence of Green Star (Green Power) machines

General: Using Exclusive Heavy Duty Twin Gear technology with a low 110 rpm, the Green Star award-winning machines are multi-purpose and arguably among the world's best juice extractors and most efficient food processors.

The Green power juicers have a patented twin gear mechanism that has three innovative features: (1) Flat surfaces that triturate, i.e. press, the food and extrude it over (2) a serial magnet surrounded by bioceramic materials that enhances the stability of the freshness of the food. This process occurs at (3) a low speed (110 RPM as mentioned), which means that there is virtually no heating, or shock, to the enzymes of any food passing through these gears.

Easy to use and simple to clean, Green Star juicers have been described as “excellent machines for the price” with “quality of juice far superior to centrifugal and masticating juicers”.

50 to 200 % higher mineral yield: independent lab tests confirm that the Green Power Twin Gear press extracts a substantially higher quantity of minerals than “leading” juicers. Concentrations of essential minerals such as calcium, iron and zinc are higher in juice from Green Power than in juice from other brands.

Stability: With heat and impact shock virtually eliminated, oxidation is significantly reduced and more of the delicate nutrients survive. An independent juice stability study comparing carrot and apple juice prepared in five different types of juicer found that Green Powered carrot juice and Green Powered apple juice both topped the charts in long-term stability. So once juicing in the morning can provide high-quality, enzyme-rich juice all day long.

Further protection from oxidation: The magnets (a world-first and only) built into the rotating Twin gears make the juice pass through a powerful magnetic field. The combined effect of magnetism and slow rotational speed is a dramatic reduction in the rate of juice oxidation. Even refrigerating overnight will only lead to a minimal loss in nutrients.

Paraphrasing a German online seller, “the magnets (used for optimization of juice quality and not to be confused with harmful electro-magnetic waves) make the minerals in the juice adopt a colloidal form and thereby optimally bioavailable. ... the juice can be kept up to 48 hours under refrigeration. Green Star juices oxidise more slowly and keep stable longer.”

The machine handles virtually every vegetable imaginable, including greens. Also handles wheatgrass, (and using attachments) makes pasta, baby foods, desserts, rice cakes and nut butters.

So are there no problems in my personal Green Star paradise :-)?

I recently read an article featuring several disenchanted Green Star users who listed the following reasons for discontent:

a) The Green Star takes too long to clean (10-15 minutes).

This is not my experience (though of course I am not into cleaning to microscopic perfection). In fact, by holding its parts under a strong jet of water (I like to use my shower head), it takes a few minutes. As with a centrifugal juicer I used to juice with, the sieve is the only "sticky" part to scrub clean (I often use my nails for that purpose and don't look too closely). I'd make sure to dry the parts very well before reassembly.

b) Carrots take muscular strength to press.

This is true but I never even noticed it until I put my Green Star on my kitchen worktop. Beforehand I had left it standing on the floor. Thanks to the additional leverage of pushing with some of my bodily weight added, it had been easy to juice carrots with the Green Star positioned at floor height.

So I'd advise anyone who feels challenged by carrot juicing to simply put the machine at a lower level than the level of your hand, such as placing it on a stool (make sure it's solidly positioned and put in a fixed place so it won't move during the extraction process).

Perhaps even easier, simply cut any thicker carrots into slimmer pieces which immediately takes most or all of the strain off of getting them pressed (in fact, I find slimmer carrot slices effortless to press).

c) Assembly of the Green Star is time-consuming.

This was true for me in the beginning until I discovered the knack of doing it. Once I had and ever since, assembly takes about two minutes. The trick (at least for me) is the following:

After inserting the twin gears and sliding the sieve over them, I then grab the tip of each gear and turn/rotate them towards each other while pushing them into the holder as deeply as possible. They immediately interlock and will "stay put" in that position if I gingerly release them (any push will make them jump out of their locked position again, however). Then I carefully slide the "hood" over them, again making sure not to push against the gears, and perform the remaining three easy steps according to instructions.

d) The Green Star makes a foamy mess of pineapple.

This is well possible. The instructions give hints on how to deal with fruit but make it clear that the Green Star is not primarily designed for juicing fruit.

So none of the above objections are true respectively of concern to me personally and all is well in Green Star heaven :-).

(Also see this testimonial of a former cancer patient: Juicers - nothing compares to the Green Star).

Green Star (Green Power) scientific details

For those interested in scientific details about the Green Star, Dr. Evelyn Waselus, director of BIOlogical Research, who has conducted nutritional research and testing for nearly 20 years, shares her findings re the Green Star which she compared to a nationally recognized brand of masticating juicer.

Juicers Test Winner in premier independent consumer test magazine

Stiftung Warentest Green StarIn a (7/2003) juicers test carried out by Stiftung Warentest, Germany’s number one independent (and very critical) consumer test magazine, the Green Star came out first among the 12 juicers compared:

"Test winner Green Star GS 1000 produced the greatest yield of juice." Green Star came out first both in the “juicing” category, in “ease of handling” (grade: 1.9), noise level (grade: 2.0) and stability (where it was awarded the dream grade of 1.0).
(Note: grades range from 1 = very good to 6 = failed).

The various Green Star (Green Power) juicer models

There are four types of Green Star (Green Power/Gold) juicer on offer:

Green Star GS-1000 (List Price: $529.00),
Green Star GS-2000 (List Price: $549.00)
Green Star GS-3000 (List Price: $569.00) and
Green Power Gold GP-E1503 (List Price: $599.00).

As you can see from the model comparison chart, they essentially differ in the optional accessories offered only.

The Green Star GS-1000 Basic Juicer and Food Processor
“Green Star machines are reputably one of the world's best juice extractors and most efficient food processors. Using Exclusive Heavy Duty Twin Gear technology with a low 110 rpm, superior to those of any competitor, ... and with their ease of use and simple clean up, Green Star Juice Extractors and Food Processors are award-winning machines of unsurpassed quality.

The Green Star GS-1000 Basic Juicer and Food Processor has all the basic juicing and food processing equipment. Some accessories which are not frequently used have been excluded so as to offer an economical price.

It can also process whole foods, making favorites like almond and date pie crusts, patés from nuts and vegetables, sauces from a vast array of ingredients, baby foods, frozen fruit desserts and more. The choice is yours.”

The Green Star GS-2000 Complete Juicer and Food Processor
“The Green Star GS-2000 Complete Juicer and Food Processor comes with all the parts of the GS-1000 plus the Coarse Screen, Strainer and Drip Tray juicing accessories. This is a great set for even more juicing options.
It can also process whole foods, making favorites like almond and date pie crusts, patés from nuts and vegetables, sauces from a vast array of ingredients, baby foods, frozen fruit desserts and more.”

The Green Star GS-3000 Complete Juicer and Food Processor Deluxe Model
“The Green Star GS-3000 Complete Juicer and Food Processor Deluxe Model has all the accessories, but makes two kinds of pasta instead of three versions, available with GP-E1503 Gold. A small difference indeed.

It can also process whole foods, making favorites like almond and date pie crusts, patés from nuts and vegetables, sauces from a vast array of ingredients, baby foods, frozen fruit desserts and more.”

The Green Power Gold GP-E1503 Original Complete Juicer and Food Processor Deluxe Model
“The GP-E1503 "Green Power Gold" is [the company’s] flagship product. Complete with a breadstick-making kit and a pasta-making kit, this is the most versatile machine available. It juices almost all fruits and vegetables. Carrots, apple-celery-wheat grass juice, herb juices are a breeze with this juice extractor.

It can also process whole foods, making such favorites as pie crusts from almonds and dates, pates from nuts and vegetables, sauces from a vast array of combinations, baby foods, frozen fruit desserts and more... What more could you possibly want?”

Interested in buying a Green Star juicer from Amazon (at often substantial discounts) while supporting the humanitarian work of Healing Cancer Naturally (a varying commission on each purchase)? Click here.

Important Update August 2009

Recently a site visitor sent me a note regarding other juicers which appear to possibly be at least as good as (and likely more economical than) the Green Power models described on this page. She wrote that one of them, the Green Power KPE1304 Twin Gear, is “actually manufactured by the original inventor of the GreenPower Gold (1992), the GreenLife & Greenstar (1998) and (contrary to what you may hear from Tribest, distributor of the former), the newest of all imported Twin Gear machines”. See more popular juicers and below.

Update July 2011

In June 2011, however, I was contacted by a representative of Tribest who wrote among other things, "I believe you have been misinformed by the marketing materials or from marketers of the Kempo machines, and I would love to share our history with you. ... I hope to resolve this misunderstanding, in hopes that you are informed with the most accurate and updated information."

She then sent me a detailed history of the Dual Gear Juicers involving the Green Star, Green Power, Kempo etc. which makes it likely that the above statement re Tribest’s lack of honesty is not true to fact. You can read here what she sent to me (which until further notice I take to be the "true story").

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