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HUD treatment as a cancer cure?

Human Urine Derivative healed terminal ovarian & prevented stomach cancer

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This page reports on yet another hushed-up cancer treatment: Dr. Soeda's landmark research into the urine derivative HUD and its spectacular successes as an anti-cancer agent (at least for gastric and ovarian cancer but likely for other types of malignancies as well).

Just as with Dr. Danopoulos' landmark research into urea and cancer, the official medical database PubMed "hides" all information on Dr. Soeda's remarkable results.

Thankfully Martha M. Christy in her book "Your Own Perfect Medicine: The Incredible Proven Natural Cure That Medical Science Has Never Revealed" has made available information on Dr. Soeda's work, which is summarized below.

Dr. Momoe Soeda's research with HUD at the University of Tokyo, Japan

In December 1968, Dr. Soeda published the paper "Treatment of gastric cancer with HUD, an antigenic substance obtained from patient's urine" in Nihon Igaku Hoshasen Gakkai Zasshi.

Upon testing a variety of people, Dr. Soeda had discovered that the urine of next to all cancer patients contained significant quantities of an immune defense agent with clear anti-cancer properties he called Human Urine Derivative or HUD.

When he proceeded to apply this substance to an apparently incurable case of metastasised ovarian cancer, it was found that virtually all metastatic tumors vanished within a space of three months and that after thirty months, the patient had completely recovered.

After this impressive experience, Dr Soeda also tried HUD therapy on eight stomach cancer patients immediately after surgery to prevent the frequent postoperative recurrence of the cancer.

Five of these cases already had stomach wall invasion and lymph node involvement which meant that their chance of surviving for three years was under 40 percent. In spite of this poor postoperative prognosis, a whopping seven of the eight had completely recovered and showed no signs of a relapse after three years.

Dr Soeda speculated that the HUD treatment's effectiveness in preventing recurrence of gastric cancer after surgery was due to its ability to reinforce the cancer patient's immune system, all the more so since it was noted that advanced cases of inoperable gastric cancer with severely damaged immune systems tended to not respond to HUD administration.

It can be conjectured that natural (whole) urine therapy together with other dietary and detoxification measures could be of more assistance than isolated urine extracts such as HUD since whole urine contains hundreds of immune defense and anti-cancer agents such as retine or antineoplastons as well as enzymes, nutrients and more.

For this reason, Martha Christy concluded that "Many cancer patients who have successfully used natural urine therapy to beat their cancer have reported it to be a safe and effective cancer treatment which rids the body of cancerous manifestations while at the same time greatly enhancing the immune system."

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