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Naturopathy as it is usually practised does not go far enough, for although it can cleanse the body of its toxins, it cannot replace wasted tissues incidental to such grievous ills as consumption or other diseases of equal gravity....
J W Armstrong on one possible reason why urine treatment can be more powerful than nature cures

Urine — a substance that will typically make noses turn up and mouths be pulled in disgust — however is a substance with numerous therapeutic qualities that frequently cannot be found in other natural substances.

In fact, it's also one of the first fluids all of us have ever consumed since we spent several months in our mother's womb bathed in our own urine. This may come as a shock to many but nevertheless is true — in the second half of pregnancy, the amniotic fluid mostly consists of the fetus' own urine which is excreted into the amniotic sac. In other words, our own urine helped us to grow.

And far beyond that — urine therapy is backed by over a hundred years of scientific research clearly demonstrating its outstanding therapeutic qualities.

Urotherapy as old as known written history

Some of the oldest known references to the medicinal properties of urine can be found in ancient Ayurveda[1] books (most of which make mention of it) where urine among other things is referred to as "killer of all poisons", rejuvenator, blood purifier, holy liquid (shivambu), elixir for body, mind, and spirit, and a cure-all for skin diseases. The ancient Sanskrit work Damar Tantra provides a detailed exposé of Auto-Urine Therapy.

Earlier Western writings also refer to urine's medicinal and other uses such as the 19th century book "One Thousand Notable Things".

In modern times, auto-urine therapy has been successfully applied by a number of Western doctors, mostly in the form of subcutaneous injections but also by oral administration and even in homeopathic dilution.

One of the earliest Western proponents of recent times was surgeon Charles H. Duncan, M.D., who in his landmark book Autotherapy (1918) devotes an entire chapter to urine as an autotherapeutic remedy (i.e. a remedy tailor-made by the body itself).

Dr Duncan inter alia describes several strong indications for the use of urine, with the main focus of his book on various types of infections (no doubt the most common diseases doctors had to grapple with at his time). He writes that many of his patients were cured with diluted urine when apparently nothing else would cure them.

His book features a series of "urine cures" effected by him as well as other physicians including a professor of medicine: such as a 30 year-old male who within two days was healed from acute cystitis with a teaspoonful of early morning urine taken half an hour before meals[5], and a number of similar stories.

Incidentally, urine treatment showed the same effectiveness for an emaciated dog with extreme symptoms of urinary retention who was cured with a single dose (which rules out the placebo effect).

Dr. Duncan also reports a dramatic diabetes cure: when this patient was taking her urine (in this case disguised with coloring), her blood sugar level dropped, while when it was withdrawn, it increased. Another diabetes case is described which was reversed within two weeks by oral urine administration.

Duncan successfully treated many cases of bladder and prostate infections as well as nephritis and also describes other dramatic cures including gonorrhea, serious cough and a particularly amazing case of actual mental illness which was healed with a combination of autotherapeutic serum and urine therapy.

Dr. Duncan observed that generally, acute conditions required a larger dose than chronic conditions and that the patient's responsive power determined whether the dose had to be given in weak or concentrated form.

At Dr. Duncan's time, many doctors and medical professors (all of whom are named in Dr. Duncan's book) practised autotherapy (which includes urine therapy) and found the highest words of praise for its efficacy (as well as contributed numerous success testimonials to Duncan's book).

Duncan estimated the total number of physicians in the world who were using Autotherapy successfully and daily in both private and hospital practice to exceed two thousand and writes that it was widely employed in veterinary medical practice and that the Veterinary Medical Association of New York City had twice officially endorsed it in the highest terms.

More scientists and physicians who have worked with uropathy

  • German obstetrician Dr. Kurt Herz practised auto-urine therapy since the early 1920s, presenting his first publication on the subject in 1931 and publishing a book in 1950.
  • French dermatologists Drs. Jaussion and Paléologue used urine injections to treat eczema (reported in 1929).
  • T. Cimino in 1927 reported on using patients' own urine in case of urinary infections.
  • Rabinowitch in 1931 reported on the use of auto-urine therapy for gonarthritis.
  • Jausion, Giard and Martinaud reported in La Presse Médicale in 1933 on the use of urine injections for eczema, psoriasis, migraine, asthma, urticaria, pruritus etc.
  • German pediatrician Dr. Martin Krebs reported in 1934 on successes with intramuscular injections and enemas of the patient's own urine in cases of allergies, spastic conditions, asthma, hayfever, toxemia in pregnancy, pertussis, increasing breast milk, migraine-like conditions, eczema, and childhood infections.
  • Day described the treatment of glomerulonephritis via injection of an extract of the patient's urine in the Lancet (1936).
  • Sandweiss, Saltzstein and Farbman in the American Journal of
    Digestive Diseases
    (1938/1939) reported on the prevention and cure of experimental ulcers in dogs via human urine extract.
  • Austrian surgeon Schuerer-Waldheim (1896–1991) in addition to autohemotherapy (reinjection of the patient's own blood) also used auto-urotherapy, particularly for treating infectious diseases.
  • A branch of homeopathy called isopathy uses so-called "nosodes" derived from various bodily excretions including urine components. You can learn more about this very powerful (self-)healing approach under Isopathy & homeopathy Helping your body heal thanks to isopathic (self)-treatment.
  • German physicians Drs. Johann Abele and Kurt Herz, authors of Die Eigenharnbehandlung. Erfahrungen und Beobachtungen, used auto-urotherapy extensively (mostly via injection) to stimulate the patient's immune system, in fact some of their (not cancer-related) cases were cured after a single injection. They write that taken orally, urine treatment works less quickly and intensely.
    They also experimented with the injection of the urine of other healthy individuals but got no results.
  • Dr. William Hitt, Clinica Hitt, Mexico, writes in 1995: "Experience has shown that intramuscular injections of urine are the best method for handling a myriad of immunological illnesses including psoriasis, basal cell carcinoma, asthma and many other disorders."
  • Joseph Eldor, MD, of the Theoretical Medicine Institute, Jerusalem, Israel, writes in "Urotherapy for patients with cancer" (published in Medical Hypotheses, 1997):

    "Cancer cells release various antigens, some of which appear in the urine. Oral autourotherapy is suggested as a new treatment modality for cancer patients. It will provide the intestinal lymphatic system with the many tumor antigens against which antibodies may be produced. These antibodies may be pierced through the bloodstream and attack the tumor and its cells."

The above list of doctors successfully working with auto-urine therapy is far from complete. For a very thorough introduction and scholarly overview of the science and researchers behind uropathy the reader is referred to Martha M. Christy's outstanding Your Own Perfect Medicine: The Incredible Proven Natural Cure That Medical Science Has Never Revealed (see Books on urine therapy) which presents 44 detailed scientific papers on urine therapy.

This book makes it very clear that the medical community has been researching the astounding effects of treatment with urine or urine derivatives for decades — but behind closed doors.[2] The following sketches some of the findings of these researchers.

Some research findings re the value of urine and urine compounds

Urine, in addition to offering a host of assimilable nutrients, antibacterial compounds and antibodies that help support a flagging immune system, also contains scientifically proven cancer-fighting ingredients (for details see e.g. Urea as a cancer cure and More cancer successes with urine compounds, derivatives & extracts: H.11 [which stops growth of cancer cells and decreases the size of malignant tumors], Retine, and DHEA hormone) as well as Human Urine Derivative (HUD) and the antioxidant uric acid (which fights free radical damage). Moreover,

  • Dr Alexander N. Glazer and Dr. Stocker of the University of California discovered that bilirubin (the yellow dye in urine) appears to be able to lessen tissue damage in cancer etc.
  • Urokinase, a serine protease, is commercially extracted from urine and clinically used for dissolving blood clots (thrombolytic action) and for dilating arteries.
  • Methylglyoxal: this compound isolated by Dr. Albert Szent-Ggyörgi from urine is said to be able to destroy cancer cells/stop them from proliferating.
  • Antineoplastons, the miracle anti-cancer compounds developed by Dr. Burzinsky, are derived from urine (compare Antineoplastons and Free cancer cure videos which includes a film about his work).
  • Urea extracted from urine is a versatile compound used for numerous medicinal and other purposes including against cancer (compare Urea as a cancer cure and Urea: other important applications in cancer treatment). Urea is widely used in skin creams for its hydrating properties and there is an entire industry devoted to the collection of human urine for this purpose.
  • Urine even contains the glyconutrient fucose (compare Natural Dietary Sources: Which Foods Contain Glyconutrients?).

Interestingly, kidney cancer counts among the rare cancer types for which so-called spontaneous remissions have been observed most frequently (as reported in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences by Everson in 1964 and by Cole in 1974).

Many serious and "incurable" diseases healed

Cancer is not the only so-called "terminal" or incurable disease which has yielded to urine therapy (see Urine therapy as a cancer cure: testimonials), in fact, far from it. From the common cold (said to disappear in a day or two or even a few hours) to asthma, arthritis, neurodermatitis and kidney failure, hundreds of testimonials testify to miraculous recoveries owed to urotherapy.

Diseases published in the literature healed with urine therapy

  • allergy
  • anemia
  • appendicitis
  • arthritis
  • arthrosis (osteoarthritis)
  • atherosclerosis
  • athlete's foot
  • asthma
  • barber's itch
  • bedwetting
  • blackwater fever
  • bladder infection
  • blood pressure (high and low)
  • breast cancer[3]
  • bronchitis
  • burns
  • candida albicans
  • canker sores[4]
  • cataract
  • cellulitis
  • colds
  • colorectal/bowel cancer[3]
  • conjunctivitis
  • constipation
  • cough
  • dandruff
  • diabetes, juvenile and adult-onset
  • diarrhea (acute and chronic)
  • diphteria
  • dysbacteriosis
  • edemas
  • esophageal cancer[3]
  • eye injury
  • eyes (suppurating)
  • flatulence
  • fungal infection of skin, bowel and vagina
  • gangrene
  • glaucoma
  • gonorrhea
  • gum disease incl. refractory gingivitis, periodontitis, bleeding gums, loose teeth firming up[4]
  • influenza
  • hypoglycaemia
  • immune deficiency
  • intestinal inflammation
  • itching
  • jaundice
  • kidney diseases
  • kidney stones
  • leprosy
  • leukemia (compare case report)
  • liver cancer (compare case report)
  • lupus
  • malaria
  • memory (weak), loss of memory
  • menstrual pain/-dysregulation,
  • morning sickness during pregnancy
  • obesity
  • osteoporosis (anecdotally reported)
  • pancreas, diseases of the
  • paralysis symptoms
  • peritonitis
  • plague
  • pleurisy
  • post-amputation pain
  • prostate disease
  • psoriasis
  • pyorrhea[4]
  • rheumatic fever
  • rheumatism
  • scurvy
  • sebaceous gland ulcer
  • skin diseases
  • stomach problems
  • stroke
  • susceptibility to infections
  • swollen lymph nodes
  • testicular inflammation
  • tooth issues incl. dental abscesses and toothache[4]
  • tuberculosis
  • uterine tumor[3]
  • valvular defects
  • varicose veins
  • venereal diseases
  • warts
  • weight regulation
  • worms
  • wounds


  • German physician Dr. Kurt Herz reported having obtained good results with schizophrenia and epilepsy via auto-urine injections. Dr. Johann Abele found that urine treatment actually is the most effective therapy for candidiasis and pancreas disease.
  • Beatrice Bartnett in her book Urine Therapy: It May Save Your Life reports a lepra cure, and so does C. P. Mithal in his book Urine Therapy: Self-Healing Through Intrinsic Medicine and Miracles of Urine Therapy (see Books).
  • Last but not least, urine therapy is claimed to be the most effective cure for Aids.

Just placebo effect?

While as with many or most healing modalities (including the conventional ones), the placebo effect may play a significant role, urine therapy clearly is more than placebo as evidenced by the rich literature and scientific observations on this subject, including in the treatment of animals.

Urine therapy has indeed shown powerful healing effects. As Swiss doctor Hasler lucidly observes, since urine has shown healing effects in so many diseases, it is to be assumed that the body is indeed able to produce its own healing agent — a therapy would not be upheld for millenia and used across continents and peoples if it were nonsensical and a mere chimera.

Memorable quote on urine therapy

"Urine is free, it is backed by 100 years of medical testing, and in every single study ever done on urine and urea's medicinal use in humans, no toxicity has ever been reported.... frankly, if we don't routinely take advantage of this incredible natural remedy, we can't honestly say that we 're doing all that we can to preserve and regain our good health." Martha M. Christy in Your Own Perfect Medicine (see Books on urine therapy).


In contrast to the impression that may have been created by the foregoing, Drs. Herz and Abele for instance report that they obtained both good and incomplete cures with auto-urine therapy (which they mostly but not exclusively applied by injection), and Dr. Hasler reports the same observations with respect to oral urine treatment.

Another possibly valuable observation in this respect is that "urine can only contain what the body actually has been provided with" (via food, drink, air etc.) which means that in case of a seriously deficient diet urine alone will not make up for the nutritional deficiencies the body is suffering from.

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1 Ayurveda (together with Siddha) is humanity's oldest known holistic/natural healing system.

2 Also see Urea treatment as a cancer cure and More cancer successes with various urine compounds and derivatives.

3 Compare Urine therapy as a cancer cure: testimonials: a survey of healing reports in the uropathy literature.

4 See Urine therapy for the healing of teeth and gum problems.

5 A personal friend tried a similar approach (although a lower dose) and was not healed. She healed near-instantly after taking the most powerful remedy against bladder/kidney issues I am aware of — horsetail.

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