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Cure testimony: terminal lung cancer with metastases

Healed via detoxification with wild herb smoothies and raw foods

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In December of 2006, German Ralf Brosius, then aged 54, was diagnosed with end-stage lung cancer. He had immediate surgery during which half of the lobe of one lung and one lymph node were removed. Since his cancer was of an aggressive type with 70% of affected patients dying within three years, he was advised to undergo chemotherapy — which to him, however, was out of the question.

He decided to take his life into his own hands and visited the clinic of Ayurvedic physician Dr. John Switzer based in Feldafing by Munich. Together they planned out his therapy — based mostly on a complete change of diet.

While up until that point, Brosius had subsisted on the average German diet (meat, dairy, white flour and sugar products, alcohol, little vegetables) and years ago had even been a smoker (he blamed his lung cancer on the latter), he now had to think again.

The first days at the Switzer clinic were devoted to detoxifying and cleaning out his body and intestines, a major condition on which to build better health. For this purpose, he was given nothing but cold-pressed coconut oil (warmed and flavoured with cinnamon), vegetable broth, herbal teas and Heilerde (medicinal clay). When allowed to eat again, he was put on a diet nearly totally raw, with its most important ingredient the "wild herb energy cocktail" or green "biophoton smoothie".

This wild herb treatment is based on Dr. Switzer's discovery some seventeen years ago that one can use wild plants as an alternative to medicinal herbs imported from India.

With Europe boasting about 1500 different species, Dr. Switzer calls wild herbs our original food which — due to the ubiquitous depletion of soils — now contains five to twenty times the amount of active ingredients found in cultivated vegetables. Dr. Switzer observed that as his patients started using wild herbs as a medicine, both their sleep and their mood improved and their immune system started working more efficiently.

Ralf Brosius started mixing wild-herb "energy smoothies" for himself. These cocktails are typically based on green leafy vegetables such as (depending on season) spinach, kale, savoy cabbage or chard (Beta vulgaris subsp. cicla), pureed with healing / detoxifying herbs such as stinging nettles, English plantain (Plantago lanceolata)[1], horsetail (Equisetum arvense) or ground elder (Aegopodium podagraria) as well as fruit of various types.

Ingesting these freshly prepared green smoothies (made palatable by the natural sugar content and aromas of the added fruit), the body benefits of a plethora of crucial nutrients such as chlorophyll, bitter compounds, vitamins and many minerals and trace elements.

When first started on this radically different regime, Brosius did go through extreme withdrawal symptoms, greatly missing the foods and drinks he had previously enjoyed. Meanwhile he has grown enthusiastic about the many novel gustatory experiences and combinations possible with wild herbs and raw foods.

Healthy today

Meanwhile, Ralf Brosius has outlived his 3-year-prognosis by a long shot. He feels in the pink of health and fitter than ever, with all his blood tests coming up negative for cancer. His diet continues to be mostly raw. For his midday meal, for instance, he will have a salad with sprouts, at other times he has muesli prepared with rice milk, raw foods of many types as well as nuts.

He has even begun to partner with physician Dr. Switzer. Together they hold seminars, lectures, wild herbs excursions, and cookery courses and present wild herb smoothies at trade shows and fairs.

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1 Plantain is one of Maria Treben's most recommended herbs and equally advised by Edgar Cayce.

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