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Do not let either the medical authorities or the politicians mislead you. Find out what the facts are, and make your own decisions about how to live a happy life and how to work for a better world.
Linus Pauling, two time Nobel laureate (Chemistry and Peace)

Hi and Welcome! Thank you for visiting Healing Cancer — Naturally! You will find a wealth of useful and interesting information on this site devoted to the extensive field of alternative non-intrusive healing modalities for cancer that have proven successful for people with this serious challenge!

I aim to give you an all-round “holistic” view of the many natural, gentle and/or non-intrusive ways that have been used to heal cancer while placing particular emphasis on those cancer cures that are affordable for next to everyone and easy to implement.

So you’ll find information under Why Alternative Cancer Treatment? (crucial reading), Nature Heals, Healing Cancer • Naturally!!!, "Greatest Hits" (distilling twenty years of research into the best while simplest and least expensive natural cancer cures), Healing Cancer & Your Mind, Budwig Diet, Geopathic Stress, Spirituality, Gerson Diet, Nutrition, Detoxification, Juicers & Juicing, Supplements & Herbs, Ozone Treatment, Causes of Cancer, Energetic Studies into Cancer (incl. Selecting the Right Cancer Treatment by Using Applied Kinesiology), Emotions incl. very instructive real-life stories of spontaneous remission and healing of “terminal” cases, History of Alternative Cancer Treatment, Light, Love, Free Downloads and more related subjects, particularly many stunning and uplifting Cancer Healing Testimonials...

Simultaneously, in my ongoing selection of the information to be featured here, I have striven to include especially such scientific and spiritual data and sources as may be harder to find, as opposed to oft-repeated (and occasionally un- or half true) statements found in many places.

The page Healing Cancer succinctly outlines what currently seems to be the most comprehensive overall approach to healing this and other disease. This approach is three-pronged and consists of addressing and healing the

  • Spiritual and energetic causes
  • Emotional/mental factors in disease development
  • Physical causes (toxicity, lack of nutrients, supporting the body to naturally self-heal as it is “designed” to do).

Healing Cancer Naturally is born from my interest in natural non-invasive healing modalities to help maintain the body in health and perfection. More specifically, its inception dates from the time when my best friend’s mother developed colon cancer. Based on the rich and amazing evidence I have found, its basic message can indeed be summed up into: Cancer Is Healable — Naturally!!!

As a now healed former cancer patient wrote, ”For me the first and hardest part was healing the mind, losing the 'Cancer is Killing Me' idea and coming to terms with the emotional trauma... Once I believed with my heart that my body can overcome the disease there was an overnight improvement in general health.”

You will find MANY tools and pointers here to both heal the emotional trauma AND the cancer (see for instance Emotions, Energetics, Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer’s “German New Medicine”, Healing Cancer & Your Mind, “Greatest Hits” and Healing Cancer).

Healing Cancer Naturally is based on three fundamental “credos” and commitments:

1 The human body is designed to be self-healing and will beautifully do its assigned task if we properly support and/or don’t hinder it in the performance of this basic function. This is why the overwhelming majority of Healing Cancer Naturally’s pages is devoted to diet, detoxification, and mental, energetic and spiritual factors in healing and health.


Cancer overdiagnosis and overtreatment
Misdiagnoses abound — do be aware!

2 Information and help should be made available to anyone afflicted with cancer or other illness, regardless of the size of their pocketbook. This is why Healing Cancer Naturally provides all its potentially life-saving information for free rather than selling part of it in book form. And this is why it asks for and needs donations and other support involving no extra costs instead.

That's also the reason why simple and inexpensive “DIY” ways people have used to heal from cancer (or in the official parlance, have achieved remission) get top priority. Expensive “alternatives” to conventional treatment (and there are some very expensive ones indeed) will either be ignored, mentioned only "on the side" or subjected to much higher standards (such as proof of effectiveness via double-blind placebo-controlled peer-reviewed human studies).

3. Healing Cancer Naturally believes that any challenge, be it in the area of health, relationships and/or finances, can (and optimally perhaps should) be used as a personal growth experience, allowing the person undergoing and eventually victoriously overcoming the challenge to arise from it not only healthier but also wiser and a better person than ever before.

Why would anyone choose to consider curing cancer alternatively?*

or, for that matter, to look for a natural cure for cancer, either in the place of (or as a complement to) the officially recommended (and sometimes enforced) chemotherapy, radiation and surgery?


“Many alternative websites contain a lot of negative, conspiracy-theory-type ideas about allopathic medicine that are not at all true in my experience. Every single oncologist I know wants the very best for his/her patients and to see them healed and happy. They truly believe that chemo and radiation are the patient's best chance at survival, and that they are doing the right thing by using those modalities. It's just that THEY DON'T KNOW THAT THE BODY CAN HEAL ITSELF! We are not taught that in medical school and it is not a prevailing belief in our society.” From a letter sent by an MD

The main reason may be that conventional cancer treatment is still far from reaching its long sought-after victory over cancer. This sadly is true even after decades of intensive research into which billions of dollars have been poured.

On the contrary, cancer incidence and mortality have continued to steadily and dramatically rise in the Westernized world, with no end to this tendency in sight. (In fact, the front page article of the March 22, 2004 issue of Fortune Magazine was entitled, Why We Are Losing the War On Cancer.)

This has led many to think that the conventional approach (more drugs and surgery) may not be the answer. It appears that it clearly fails to address the root causes, which, when unaddressed, may (even in the relatively rare event of a temporary remission being achieved as shown in cancer statistics) lead to a recurrence and exacerbation of previous symptoms.

In fact, as seen from Possible side effects you may not have been told about, conventional cancer care can trigger new and similarly serious illnesses. These, ironic & facetious as it may sound, include death.

One of the most important reasons for preferably avoiding conventional treatment can be found out by asking your doctor two simple questions. See "After A Cancer Diagnosis and before choosing any conventional treatment (chemo, radiation, surgery), ask your oncologists two basic questions".

Why is cancer on the rise?

There are many suspected root causes. There is strong evidence that the depletion of our soils due to intensive farming beginning with the industrial revolution has led to widespread mineral and trace element deficiencies leading to (or promoting) in their turn numerous ailments incl. cancer.


“Should I Be Tested for Cancer?
Maybe Not and Here's Why".

Another cause is likely to be found in the dangerous harsh chemicals present in our polluted food, air and water supply, ranging from pesticides to artificial hormones (present in meat and dairy from non-organic husbandry). Another factor are the ubiquitous electromagnetic fields from appliances, cell phones, computers, TVs, microwaves etc. which no one can escape.

All of these are assaultive, unnatural substances and influences our bodies have to contend with on a daily basis without, and this may be a crucial point, having had the evolutionary time to adapt to them.

In tandem with this onslaught of toxins works the widespread intake of devitalized, demineralized, industrially produced food low in nutrition and high in calories. This kind of diet is far removed from what more naturally-living and much healthier peoples have consumed and is another major suspect in the genesis of cancer.

And many seem to compound the problem by the intake of medicinal drugs and noxious substances, themselves all too often the contributing cause of disease and worse, even death (compare On Drugs).

There is also reason for the contention that all disease has a psychosomatic causative agent if not root cause, in other words stress and inner wounding in all of their multiple forms.

A similar idea has been expressed by those (such as Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM]) who claim that all or most disease is due to or based upon a blockage of “energy”. This is said to lead to a corresponding weakness in the organ and/or system affected by such undersupply (or lack of flow) of “vital energy”.

Healing Cancer Naturally is indeed a proponent of the “energetic” viewpoint of disease and healing (at the very least if one considers that at its most basic level, absolutely everything is simply energy).

(Also see Causes of Cancer for a summary and extensive discussion of suggested and observed causes of cancer.)

What may be the solution to cancer?


Ask your oncologists two basic questions after a cancer diagnosis...and before choosing any conventional treatment (chemo, radiation, surgery).

Many authoritative sources believe that disease can only develop and thrive in a body which is laden with various toxins and lacking in nutrients and/or energy. Both may be depleted due to stress, nutritional/mineral and other deficiencies as well as due to other factors.

According to this thinking, by remedying deficiencies, cleansing the body and reestablishing a healthy energy flow, disease can and will be reversed.

As one naturopathic physician writes, medicine tends to perceive cancer as a specific localized condition, which a specific drug (or herb) will counteract. According to him and others, “it is far more appropriate to approach this condition as a manifestation of systemic disease, and use such systemic treatments as are appropriate in aiding the body to regain control... [What is required, is] an approach to transformation — change in body, mind and spirit — which is possibly the only effective context in which to treat cancer.”

There are many alternative non-toxic healing modalities for cancer which use these principles, some of them dating back to the early 1900s. Developed by doctors and naturopaths, these various approaches have proven successful for many people.

One of the overall rather effective while inexpensive ones for curing cancer alternatively (or rather naturally) on one’s own steam (i.e. designed for self-reliant DIYers as opposed to those preferentially relying on outside medical assistance) seems to be Dr. Johanna Budwig’s easy-to-implement diet & protocol.

In addition, there are “purely spiritual” approaches to healing cancer and other disease, as well as the testimony of those numerous recovered "Hopeless Cases" all too easily shelved by conventional oncologists as “spontaneous remissions”.

This Alternative Cancer Healing site aims to contribute to your awareness of the absolutely amazing range and potential of these natural and holistic healing modalities for cancer or “alternatives to chemotherapy, radiation and (often) surgery”.

It offers extensive free information on alternative cancer cure and prevention protocols without overmuch duplicating the detailed information already found on other excellent sites devoted to “curing cancer naturally” (to which many links are provided). Particular stress is applied here to the emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual side of this dis-ease and its natural healing.

I very much hope, should you or a loved one be stricken with cancer, to see you join the tens of thousands of courageous cancer victors all over the globe who are here to prove on a daily basis that “it can be done”!

For those still in doubt, why choose nonconventional or alternative cancer treatment?

Why would it seem very advisable to research several or all routes to healing, including and particularly the alternative non-invasive approaches to cancer treatment, therapy, and cure before deciding on any one of them? Amazingly (or perhaps not so amazingly), the strongest proof comes from physicians and authoritative sources of renown themselves, such as the Journal of the American Medical Association. Here it is:


“To get some idea of the scope of what is available to you with regard to alternatives to chemo"therapy", radiation and surgery, have a look at this EXCELLENT website... I have never seen anything better on the net than what is available to you here, and it feels marvellous just scrolling through the site, it is so beautifully put together!” Elliot Yudenfriend

Why Alternative Cancer Treatment? — This section comprises a powerful sequence of incisive, outspoken (and often shocking) statements on health and medical treatment straight out of the mouths of illustrious MDs and cancer specialists. They are joined by luminaries such as Linus Pauling, Mahatma Gandhi and Ralph Waldo Emerson. At the very least they strongly suggest that your safest and only bet on your way to health is indeed the natural and/or holistic (i.e. currently considered “alternative”) way. Start reading here.

“Greatest Hits”For those with little time to read, I suggest you take a look at this overview page first. It lists those healing modalities that have so far impressed me the most in my research of the extensive field of alternative non-invasive and holistic cancer cure and prevention protocols. All of them are simple and very affordable approaches to the healing of cancer with an impressive track record. Updated from time to time with additional treatments — successful nonconventional cancer treatments abound (with many of them hushed up).

Natural & Holistic Cancer Cure Testimonials — These form the heart of this site and are an inspirational, uplifting and thought-provoking must-read! You may be surprised to learn that even simple water fasting (yes) has allowed people to heal from cancer, see Two Bladder Cancer Cures Achieved via Water Fasting.

In this context, another major fact of cancer must be pointed out: that of Cancer overdiagnosis and overtreatment. It is a fact that many malignant tumors, if left undisturbed / untreated and / or undiagnosed, would never evolve into any problem and only be discovered during an autopsy performed after death (from other causes). The reason: the body in its wisdom knows how to safely encapsulate and keep such tumors apart from the rest of the body.

Also included in the Testimonials section: crucially important reports of cancer patients undergoing conventional cancer treatment such as “Rushed into conventional cancer diagnostics & therapy: a tale of manipulation, dishonesty, callousness, lack of integrity and ethics and the trauma, pain, shock, disfigurement & regret experienced” — a warning to all cancer patients!

Dr. Johanna Budwig’s Diet & Protocol - 100 pages offering a comprehensive introduction to Dr. Budwig’s revolutionary yet simple and natural health and healing discoveries. Claimed to be highly effective, they are said to boast a high success rate with cancer (according to statements made by Dr. Budwig and several proponents of her method).

Dr. Dan C. Roehm M. D. FACP (oncologist and former cardiologist) writes in "Townsend Letter for Doctors", July 1990, "What she (Dr. Johanna Budwig) has demonstrated to my initial disbelief but lately, to my complete satisfaction in my practice is: CANCER IS EASILY CURABLE, the treatment is dietary/lifestyle, the response is immediate; the cancer cell is weak and vulnerable; the precise biochemical breakdown point was identified by her in 1951 and is specifically correctable, in vitro (test-tube) as well as in vivo (real)...”


Healing Cancer Naturally website done [with] loving care and the highest rigors of truth: I would like to congratulate ... for her public service in writing healingcancernaturally.com. This is a priceless work of art and should be forever preserved... I have been searching high and low and this website is comprehensive and the author honest and truthful. Please read the website carefully. Evaluate. See what works for you. Even if you do not have cancer, these protocols can only make a healthy person even healthier. This is the essence of true healing. curelibrary.com

Healing Cancer Naturally is the only English-language website worldwide which focuses on authentic information on Dr. Johanna Budwig and her diet & protocol as spelled out in 14 of her original German books and other Budwig-related German-language sources.

Nature Heals — On the “in-built” self-healing nature of the human body, with particular emphasis on a discussion of the self-contained healing system of Natural Hygiene and the cancer healing capacity of fever (hyperthermia).

Emotions and Cancer — Amazing case histories and personal reading have led me to believe that emotions and thoughts, including the power of belief, can be of crucial importance in the genesis of serious and less serious disease as well as in their healing. Very impressive real-life healing stories show this astounding link.

Emotions can be healed by allowing them to flow (such as practised in Primal Therapy or Bioenergetics and other approaches based on the work of Wilhelm Reich), as well as particularly with the DIY healing tool of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) introduced in Cancer & Energetics. Also included: links to sites offering emotional healing support and powerful techniques.

Laughter Is Medicine — Did you know Laughter Is Medicine is not just a saying, but actual fact? Laughing has a measurably positive effect on your immune system including raising the amount of natural killer cells in your blood whose role among other things consists in destroying tumour cells (read Dr. McGhee’s detailed articles) ... That’s why I’ve additionally included a few jokes in Laughter is Medicine 2...

Healing Cancer & Your Mind — I believe that generally speaking, healing from (and getting) cancer often begins in the mind. To heal from cancer, the person’s decision and firm resolve to recover their health often seems the major first step to take.

Here are inspiring and practical tools to regain your health through the power of your mind, including healing affirmations, guided imagery and visualization that have helped a kidney cancer patient recover his health. In addition, you’ll find in-depth scientific discussions of the role of the mind (attitudes, feelings, thoughts, beliefs) and the mind-body interface both in the genesis and recovery from cancer.

Healing Cancer With Light — Dr. A., a naturopathic physician, writes “Cancer patients need LIGHT!... Get as much exposure to sunlight and fresh air as you possibly can and watch your tumors and cancers shrink away.” Read here about the healing power of sunlight (yes) and its relationship to cancer incidence, as well as about Photodynamic Therapy and the healing of cancer with UV light. Incidentally, Dr. Johanna Budwig’s natural cancer curing protocol lists sunlight exposure as one of the essential healing factors. As so often, nature reveals herself as the greatest healer...

Love & Healing — I believe love — both for others and oneself — to not only be the most important thing in life, but maybe one of the central healing factors as well. If I were asked to list my favourite “alternative cancer treatments”, love would certainly count among them. Based on observations such as those made by cancer researcher Dr. Bernie Siegel, I believe love may be an essential attitude & quality to develop and cultivate to further a person’s healing of cancer, peace of mind and spiritual progress.

Includes long excerpts from Lessons from the Light: What We Can Learn from the Near-Death Experience.

Geopathic Stress — A much neglected though critically important area both in the preservation of health and the genesis of disease, including cancer. Information and proposed solutions can be found here — a “must read”.

Ozone Treatment — Could ozone be some kind of silver bullet for certain cancer patients? Read here about the healing power of oxygen (O2) and ozone (O3), together with the story of a double healing of “terminal” cancer using a simple approach: stepping up the cancer patient’s oxygenation through a simplified form of ozone therapy combined with juicing.

Causes of Cancer — lists and discusses both those factors which are officially recognised, for instance carcinogens, aflatoxins, radiation (incl. mammography), and those merely “suspected” or probable contributing agents including nutritional, emotional, spiritual factors, cellular oxygen deprivation, fungal pathogens, lymphatic restriction, geopathic stress, viruses, fluorescent lighting, toxic chemicals & pesticides, parasites, aspartame, cell phones, lack (or blockages) of “life force energy” etc.

Cancer & Energetics, Cancer & Spirituality — Some of the most important pages on this site featuring a growing collection of information on the vital subjects of our energetic and spiritual foundations, including the effect of sounds, prayer and the “healing stream” on cancer.

Among many subjects, read about the spontaneous disappearance of a malignant tumor thanks to “chi (life energy) treatment” monitored on-screen via ultrasound! A very special mention and large place also for EFT (Emotional Freedom DIY Technique) which aims to heal mind and body by reestablishing healthy energetic flow: the wide range of ills it has been successfully applied on, incl. cancer, already permits it to be ranked among the most promising healing avenues ever discovered by mankind.

Nutrition & Cancer Healing, Supplements & Herbs — Extensive information on the absolutely critical area of nutrition with special emphasis on harder-to-find crucial data on a vital subject riddled with contradictory lore...

I currently estimate the physical (nutrition and toxin-related) factors to be the overall most decisive influence in the increasing cancer incidence in Western societies. For some particularly revealing corroborating evidence of this view, see the article US-Sri Lanka Cancer Mortality Comparison outlining “what may well be a simple, supremely effective, and completely natural cancer cure”.

These sections also include discussions of water, the largest constituent of physical life and possibly critical element in health and recovery. Even more importantly, they provide detailed scientific corroboration and peer-reviewed research showing the unbelievable power of certain simple everyday herbs in fighting illness and recovering health. Long contemptuously relegated to the obscurity of old-wives tales, humble weeds are thus lifted to their rightful place as powerful medicinal plants.

Detoxification — Extensive holistic information on a subject which seems absolutely vital to health and healing as well as prevention of degenerative disease including cancer.

History of Alternative Cancer Treatments — How did the public health situation and conventional medical practice re cancer treatment (oncology) come to acquire its present-day face and how does it compare to earlier times? Here are some revealing articles to illuminate these crucial questions...

Juicers & Juicing — Frequently successful cancer therapies, such as Dr. Max Gerson’s therapy, often hinge or heavily lean upon the use of freshly squeezed vegetables and fruits. Is there a best juicer, especially for cancer patients? Here you’ll find relevant information and recommendations...

Gerson Diet — The fresh juice therapy developed by Dr. Max Gerson boasts a good success rate in helping to cure various degenerative diseases including cancer (and seems to be very compatible and advantageously combined with Dr. Budwig’s diet & protocol). Includes detailed discussions of the Gerson therapy plus healing and other testimonials.

Self-Health Links — A series of excellent links covering the healing of cancer, the background of the prevailing cancer treatment in the world today, as well as links to general alternative health information, juicers and the healing of Aids.

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer’s “German New Medicine” — conceivably constitutes the current cutting-edge in the healing arts. My personal impression is that (parts of) Dr. Hamer’s approach complemented by powerful energetic tools as well as the spiritual modalities discussed in Cancer Healing & Spirituality and underpinned by a holistic physical approach (such as that recommended by Dr. Johanna Budwig) constitute the currently best and most comprehensive path to healing cancer and other disease available to mankind.

Lothar Hirneise’s Research — Lothar Hirneise, who according to one source, is possibly one of the most knowledgeable persons in the world on the subject of conventional and alternative/holistic cancer treatment, has researched in-depth why and how many people heal themselves of cancer.

Amazingly (or understandably?), he has arrived at some similar conclusions in his research as did Dr. Johanna Budwig, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, father of German New Medicine, and particularly those schools of thought (some of them with ancient roots such as TCM) who claim that all or most disease is due to a blockage of “energy”, leading to a corresponding weakness in the organ and/or system affected by such deprivation of “vital energy” flow ...

Read here some of Lothar Hirneise’s essential advice on how to heal from cancer, incl. on the (potentially) positive role of tumors as surplus toxin reservoirs...

Resources: Alternative Cancer Treatment Guides, DVDs, Recommended Reading and more — If you are looking for guides through the bewildering maze of safe natural alternative cancer treatments without chemotherapy, you’ll find pertinent books, CDs/DVDs, links and reviews here, including excellent ebooks and printed books on the subjects of healing and preventing cancer as well as on general health maintenance or restitution.

Also provided: Cancer Glossary & Scientific Reference — a constantly expanded A to Z compendium from Angiogenesis to Xeroderma Pigmentosum, specifically devoted to conventional cancer research and to definitions as applied in allopathic oncology. Currently covering angiogenesis, anoikis, apoptosis, colon cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer.

Healing Cancer ... Naturally!!! & Holistic Healing — “Nutshell” pages summarizing “everything” :-), complemented by Holistic Healing Advice.

Cancer Healing Informational Downloads — In June 2001, I joined an excellent alternative cancer healing list by the name of cancercured (hosted by yahoogroups). I started to both collect and collate the ample information submitted to this forum as well as do my own Internet research. All this (corresponding in volume to a dozen printed books) can be downloaded here in zip (compressed) format for your own keyword or intuitive research.

Write us & About us — If you wish to write to me with suggestions, you’ll find my contact and some background information here.

Important Site Navigation Tip

In contrast to other websites whose pages typically show "Related Articles" "chosen" by computer software, I actually handpick which articles and site sections would be helpful further reading for you and individually append them at the bottom of each page. To see them, please make sure to scroll all the way toRelated content andRelated section(s).

In Conclusion: Some Thoughts on Healing

The impression we receive from our sensory contact with the world is that the world around us has substance. Yet all of what appears to be solid matter, is anything but. There is enough space within any atom to place between one trillion and one quadrillion atomic nuclei in it, i.e. an atom is hardly a solid object.

Most of it (99.999%) is empty space, comprised almost exclusively of void. The portion within it that constitutes real matter occupies only a minute fraction of the total space it fills. The atom can therefore hardly be considered truly substantive. This is what we are made of!

I read somewhere a comparison of how far a distance there is between each atom in our body compared to their size, and it was something like the distance New York to Los Angeles. So what seems to us to be really solid is ephemeral, a mirage, not at all what it appears to be.

So our body (including any cancerous tumors it may presently host) with its 76 trillion cells made up of mostly empty atoms that oscillate at 186,000 miles per second is mainly empty space — in essence, simply energy. What seems so dense and fixed to our five senses (including cancerous tumours) is really just energy vibrating in certain patterns.

Doesn’t this somehow make the task of healing appear so much easier when it is just a question of modifying, shifting, adding or withdrawing energy, no matter what our (very limited in scope and thus basically “lying”) senses tell us? And you know what? There are actually people who have done that — melting tumors in seconds energetically!

And last but not least: did you know that many if not all alternative physicians or naturopaths reached the ages of 80, 90, 100 and higher? More well-known examples include Dr. Johanna Budwig, 94, and Norman W. Walker, whose age at death is variably stated as 99, 109 or 116, ”his own example of achieving vibrant health through proper thought, diet and body care”.

The average lifespan of US allopathic doctors lies years below even that of the average US citizen (average age of US doctors in 1993 was 57.6 (”dead doctors don’t lie”)!

More Notes on Healing

It’s not solely the legal situation and attendant considerations that impose the addition of a disclaimer to a site focussing on the natural and holistic healing or “curing” of cancer. Rather, giving any kind of health advice carries a great amount of responsibility — while I am aware that I basically can only take responsibility for my own body and health.

I have seen natural and/or holistic methods and approaches (herbs, Budwig diet, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual approaches and transformation) being credibly claimed to lead to long-term recovery in between 25 and 100 % of cancer patients who applied them (with “intangible” methods often not being quantifiable or statistically recorded), while chemotherapy/radiation/surgery healing statistics fall (far) below 10 % (and this without taking into account the long-term cancer cure statistics and what is often euphemistically termed simple side effects).

So it is really about finding out what will work for You. As stated above, this continually updated website aims to give you both a sense of certainty that healing can be accomplished and as many of the vital pointers to health and healing as I am aware of from my ongoing dedicated study of the subject.

I encourage you to do all the research you can, both “on site” (c. 820 pages of content plus downloads easily equivalent to a dozen printed books) and “out site”, with the Internet offering a vast resource of quality (and other ;-) information & opinions on the subject to which many links are provided.

One tip: remember that the “alternative cancer treatment” pool may also harbour some fish who are just or mostly “in it” for the money and/or other ego-motivated reasons (such as attention-seeking and self-glorification).

And of course: human opinion on medical and other matters is very much just that, i.e. highly prone to error, including opinions emanating from “official” as well as “self-appointed” authority — as amply demonstrated throughout human history and to this very day (compare Note on honesty and the bigger picture of healing and my article Negative experiences in the alternative cancer treatment field).

The “out sites” I currently most recommend are marked as such on the Links page and throughout the Healing Cancer Naturally website.

One of the main and major prerequisites for healing anything at all seems to be a firm determination to heal, coupled with an unshakeable belief that healing can be accomplished and a readiness to “do what it takes” to achieve it, even if it may (and it seems it often does) require a number of more or less profound changes to be applied in one’s diet, environment and accustomed lifestyle.

As Nelson Boswell puts is, the "first and most important step towards success is the feeling that we can succeed." and as Elliot Yudenfriend (who like many others successfully healed himself of cancer, in his case lymphoma, years ago) and probably many other successful cancer victors have summarized it, “Cancer stands for Change” i.e. can be considered a wake-up call. Enlarging upon this is the following insight:

“I believe disease is a call for our attention, a ‘knocking at the door’, so to speak. Disease asks us to look deeply within to find the answers, so we can heal our beings, our hearts, our souls-our life. It asks us to heal in a way that, perhaps, we would never have noticed until the illness demanded our attention.”

I do stand by organic eating, ecological, “clean” living in body and soul and proper stress management being next-to-indispensable major health builders and maintainers, both on the personal and global-ecological level. I don’t consider it pure coincidence that concomitantly with the increasing man-made pollution of our biosphere, incidence of cancer and other degenerative diseases has dramatically risen as well.

As can be surmised by analogy from observations of plants and animals, the basis of health IS the quality of food and soil, air, sunshine and, in my view particularly so in humans, the quality of their emotional, mental and spiritual life.

See Healing Cancer ... Naturally!!!, Inspirational quotes for empowering cancer patients, Nature Heals, Nutrition, Detoxification, Emotions, Energetics, Mind, Spirituality, Rising atmospheric CO 2 decreases micronutrients in plants, Organic Food etc.

As Sandy L. who is successfully healing herself of cancer (7 years in remission from stage IV ovarian cancer in 2006), astutely observes, “I personally believe, instinctively that the 'cure' (whatever it is), is there [for] everyone of us, that perhaps it is not the same cure for everyone. I prefer to believe that the 'cure' is something attainable and available to everyone. I believe there are many. ‘Seek and Ye shall find.’ That is why I believe in the Dr Johanna Budwig protocol, because it is natural, attainable and inexpensive.

After my cancer diagnosis, I was acutely sensitized to a spiritual power who was somehow, in a way difficult to explain, helping me, guiding me and 'in my soul' (so to speak) showing me the path and leading me to 'my' solutions for healing. People were sent to me and it was up to me to recognize this 'help in disguise'.”

May you recognize in the same manner the assistance coming your way. Healing Cancer Naturally stands ready as a faithul companion in this journey to healing!

Wishing you the very best of health!

* Alternatives or Alternative Medicine therapies & diagnostics include, but are not limited to the following disciplines: folk medicine, herbal medicine, ayurveda, diets, homeopathy, faith healing, healing with energy, light & colour, breath work, chiropractic, acupuncture, autogenic training, biofeedback, dance, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), crystals & gem stones, magnets, flower essences, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), hypnotherapy, guided imagery, medical intuition, yoga, iridology, meridian-based therapies, movement, craniosacral, osteopathy, posture, native American healing, reflexology, shiatsu, psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), qigong, tai chi chuan Tibetan medicine, naturopathy, massage, and music and sound therapy. And to add a thought:
I trust & firmly believe that much of what now is viewed as “alternative cancer treatment” will one day be regarded as the only sane and correct option while most current mainstream practices will be seen as a product of our present “medi(cal)evil” times.


This site is dedicated in gratefulness to ALL those physicians, therapists and other devoted health care professionals who honour the Hippocratic oath "Primum nihil nocere".
I salute your courage, humaneness and untiring efforts in the promotion of true human health and thank you for the excellent example you set every day of your life.

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer

after studying the subject for some twenty years, click here.

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