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Canine malignant mast cell carcinoma

Cancer Cure Success Report by B. K., 7 Nov 2007

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My two-year-old labrador had been diagnosed with a malignant mast cell tumour grade 1 which had grown directly by and into her nose, with a diameter of 3 cm (c. 1.2"). Due to its size and location, it was impossible to have it surgically removed. Radiation treatment was no option either since it couldn't be followed up by surgery. Hence no chances of recovery since no treatment was possible. Maximum life expectancy 4 years, more likely much less due to the risk of blood poisoning.

Dog with nasal mast cell carcinoma Dog with mast cell tumor on nose

Labrador mast cell carcinoma

Starting June 2007, I gave her 2 tbls flax oil mixed into her food, plus 3 tbls flax oil with 2 tbls quark every day. I switched her to a grain-free diet of meat plus vegetable flakes (the meat comes from a can but is additive-free). She absolutely loves the oil-quark mix.

Today (beginning November 2007), after a c. 6-month course of flax oil-quark mix, there isn't a trace of the former tumour left.
Dog and Mummy are over the moon. Many thanks.

Canine nasal mast cell carcinoma healed Dog's mast cell carcinoma on nose healed

Labrador mast cell carcinoma healed

As you can see from the above pictures, her nose is just as if there never had been any tumour at all.

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