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Testimonials of dog & cat cancer healed

thanks to flaxoil and cottage cheese (center part of Budwig diet)

written/provided by Cliff Beckwith, a 14 year prostate cancer survivor as of 2006, prefaced and annotated by copyright © 2006, 2007 & 2008 Healing Cancer Naturally

Introductory notes to the below Dr Budwig pet cancer cures

Note I

On 22 June 2007 ff., a concerned site visitor sent me the following note which seems important for dog owners who wish to give their dog (affected by cancer) Dr. Budwig’s flaxoil/cottage cheese (or quark) mix:

“In using the Budwig Diet, be sure to use recommended dosages[1] for your dog's weight and size. Also, some dogs are prone to pancreatitis. The fat content in the diet can sometimes induce this [by fat content, the author is referring to the additional fat introduced via the flaxoil/cottage cheese or quark mixture].

Due to years of eating processed dog food, liver blockages can develop — which makes a dog more susceptible to pancreatitis. A liver cleanse can help clear the blockages — using dandelion[2] root and administering frequent liver massages.

Also, some have suggested using digestive enzymes along with the Budwig Diet to help break down the fat, although this has not yet been confirmed [for dogs, it is fine for humans[3]].

Here are the symptoms of pancreatitis: the dog becomes unresponsive (refuses to move much), general weakness, refuses to eat, and tests will show an increase in liver enzymes. The treatment is: fast the dog on water for a day or two and eliminate all fats. Then, increase food intake gradually. This was successful for our dog, and he was fine within a couple of weeks.”

Note II

The following additional pet cancer cure testimonials were newly added in December 2007, January & December 2008, December 2009 & January 2010:

Note III

The flaxoil/cottage cheese or quark mixture (featuring prominently in the following testimonials) which provides massive amounts of omega-3 quality fatty acids (apparently a prime player in the healing equation) is indeed one of the backbones of Dr. Johanna Budwig’s natural healing protocol for (human) cancer and other degenerative disease. But compare Is the Budwig Protocol “just flaxseed oil and cottage cheese”?.

(Cliff Beckwith intro to the following pet testimonials: In the future, if anyone reading this can furnish us with any result of the use of flax oil/cottage cheese with your pet, I will add it to this account for the benefit of future contacts. Of course, I am now [85], so how many years I have is uncertain, though I do not see any immediate problems. The flax oil has arrested the problem [prostate cancer] long ago, but it had come back a little because I had not known that Dr. Budwig recommended one tablespoon a day per hundred lb. body weight and not just a tablespoon a day. We've increased and seem on the right road again. Whether man or pet, this must be kept up for life to keep bodies able to handle cancer cells.)

The first thought of pet application came when a man told me about his dog. He was getting along in dog years and had developed cancer. His eyes were dull and he was so weak that he couldn't lift his leg.

This man told me that he mixed up a couple of tablespoons with some cottage cheese a couple of times a day and the dog wolfed it down. He said it wasn't long before the dog's eyes were bright, his coat was shiny and he was running all over the place.

The second that I knew of was a similar situation with a dog that was owned by my cousin's daughter. In both cases the dogs lived out a normal doggy life.

Then a few years ago I received, in a Christmas card, an item cut out of a paper in Maine. My friend told me that I would enjoy it. It was a question to the veterinary column. The question was how to prevent his pet squirrel from losing its hair. The answer was to feed it flaxseed oil. It would build up its immune system and it wouldn't lose its hair.

A few years ago a young kitty cat wandered in, very malnourished, and had very little hair. I thought of the article, and put out cottage cheese with around a teaspoon of flaxseed in it. She had that every day along with regular cat food. It wasn't but a short time that she developed a shiny coat, and is today a beautiful cat. After that she wouldn't eat it anymore. Maybe animals have an instinct about things like that.

One lady I know had a large dog that had developed cancer that was fairly advanced. The folks tried everything to get it to eat food with flax oil in it, and it just wouldn't. It did die.

One man wrote to me from Wisconsin and told me about their dog. I quote from his letter as follows, "Results! Our dog, Penny, was to have died two and a half years ago from several cancerous tumors. We changed her diet, gave her many nutritious supplements and herbs. She survived..but..was still in pain and slept most of the day away.

So, she is a member of the family too, so we gave her one Tablespoon of the Flax Oil daily [she is a small dog of about 35 pounds]. Now she goes for a four mile morning walk with Ina and seems to be better than before and many of the tumors have receded."

I know of other situations in general, but not in specific detail. I do know that our local vet is impressed enough with it that she is recommending flax oil when people bring in pets with cancer.

One of our correspondents, Ron Conley of Texas, has a Siberian Huskey, Natasha, that had been in serious trouble with cancer. He has a detailed account of what was done to treat her over four months time. I believe the vet had believed that she could not live more than 30 to 60 days.

The treatments involved a lot of things with flaxseed oil a major support. The dog is doing very well today, and his web page includes references to several different pet situations. (Update 2021: Natasha did eventually succumb to cancer in 2002.)


Our 9 month old puppy was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor at 6 months — we have had her on 1 cup of kefir with 6 T of flax oil daily for the past two months. Last week we noticed another bump on her leg (about an inch from the original tumor, which was surgically removed) & have a feeling that it's another tumor.

Any suggestions? I'm beginning to wonder if Kefir wasn't the appropriate sulphur protein to mix with the flax oil, but I've read that it's ok. Should I up the dosage? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


We have an old dog, with arthritis, etc. that go with old age, and so I have been mixing my flaxoil/cottage cheese every morning and giving her 2 Tablespoons of it (she is a very small terrier). I do mix the flaxseed oil with low fat cottage cheese and flaxseeds.

The first time I offered it to her, she turned up her nose and walked away. I thought "Little lady, you ARE going to eat that. " So the next morning I prepared it as usual and spoon fed it to her. She did not resist, but swallowed it right down.

After 3 days of spoon feeding, I just put it on a saucer and held the saucer down to her, but kept holding it (I thought maybe that would be to her about the same as me spoon feeding her). She lapped the saucer clean. The next day I sat the saucer down on the floor right beside me and she ate it all.

Now, when I begin to make my mixture every morning, as soon as she hears the blender running, she comes running from wherever she was, and stands very close to me, licking her lips (literally) and quivering with excitement. Ever since then she has eaten it faithfully and eagerly.

Compare Tips: how to feed the flaxoil/cottage cheese to your pets while avoiding giving them “the runs” (diarrhea).

I give it to her before I add fruit, as she does not seem to like the fruit. The mixture I give her 2 Tablespoons of, consists of:

2 or 3 Tablespoons of skim milk
3 Tablespoons of Flaxseed oil
2 Tablespoons of flaxseeds

Blend slightly.

Then I add 1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese, a little bit at a time, blending after each addition.
Next I add 1 Tablespoon of raw honey.
I give her 2 Tablespoons of this mixture.
Then I add 1/2 cup 100% grape juice.
I drink this with as much relish as my little dog shows.

She shows no signs of cancer, but I do have diagnosed breast cancer, which became apparent on Oct. 8, 2002. I began the flaxseed oil/cottage cheese the same day. My tumor has shrunk dramatically (within days I should know the exact measurement of it — from the radiologist, who has said he will look up my file and measure it).

But I know this much, at the beginning I also had a lymph node that was involved — (it is completely reduced now, and my doctor can no longer find it). The entire tumor has shrunk dramatically. I had entire body scans recently and they show that I have no cancer cells in my body, except the original ones in the breast. I plan to continue eating my FO/CC until it is all gone. I expect that it will be in another year.

If I were you, I would make this mixture that I have written about and give it to your little dog. I believe that it would cure her of cancer, if you are faithful in giving it to her, and do not give up, but continue it indefinitely.

I hope you can do this. I understand how much you love your dog — just as I love mine.

My sympathy and understanding goes out to you. And please keep us updated on how your little dog does.

I don't know what Kefir is, but I know that Dr. Budwig said to use low fat cottage cheese [Quark where available], and that is THE ONLY THING that I would mix the oil with.
(See Nan’s Breast cancer healing story.)

I have recently started giving my 3 dogs the flax oil/cottage cheese with raw honey but without the fruit also. My dogs are on average 12 human years. One had a huge tumor on his hip, now it is greatly reduced (a couple of weeks). This dog was not eating very well at all and now he is eating with gusto. Another one of my dogs has some ugly looking moles. I have seem some change there also.

Shiloh (Myelogenous Leukemia)

(This is one of the most remarkable evidences of the power of Omega-3 that I have. This dog was getting the equivalent of 9 tablespoons a day for a 165 pound man.)

Dear Mr. Beckwith, My dog, Shilo was diagnosed with Myelogenous Leukemia with suppression of red blood cells and platelet production on 3/18/99. The U.OFM. in St. Paul which is one of the best vet hospitals in the country did a bone marrow on Shilo who is only 3 and half years old and a CBC and found cancer cells a lot in his blood. All they could offer was to put him on Predizone and buy him a little time.

Depressed and very sad I went on the Internet and with the help of GOD I found your page on Flax OIL and read the testimonials. The next day I started Shilo on flax oil and cottage cheese 3 tablespoons a day and right away I started seeing results.

Four days later I took him back to the vets and they did a CBC blood test and they were amazed and didn't understand why his white count was normal (after having hardly any white blood cells at all), his platelets were clotting normally and he was producing red blood cells at a fast rate. The veterinarians were baffled. They also could not find one cancer cell in his blood!!

Besides the flax oil I have him on vitamin C, E, Genistein, and a multivitamin for dogs to help his immune system. I know in my heart the thing that really made the difference was the flaxseed oil.

Shilo weighs 56 pounds and is a Golden Retriever. I will be seeing the vet in another week for a blood test and I know it will come out cancer-free. Shilo is feeling great and acting like a normal dog and 10 days ago he had a 106 temp and dying. Bless You Mr. Beckwith, Shirley, and Ms. Budwig!! Please write back to me. God Bless, Kirk Heckel, and Tim Brown.

Dear Cliff, Just to let you know Shilo had a blood test today and there was NO sign of cancer cells in his blood and his platelets and red blood cells were normal. He is still getting 3 tablespoons of flaxoil and cottage cheese a day.

Hi Cliff, Thank you for the info on the lady from Missouri. It‘s so wonderful to know that I can help other people, like you and others have helped me. Your testimonials saved Shilo's life. Shilo is doing great. Shilo and Woodson (my other dog) are both on flax oil and cottage cheese and vitamins.

Their energy level is so much better and Shilo seems even healthier than before he was sick. Everybody who has seen Shilo can't believe how good he looks and how his fur coat is so shiny and thick.

My Grandma’s dog "Jake" has had problems with hot spots. She started him on flax oil with cottage cheese and the hot spots are going away. My mom and dad and sister are giving it to themselves and their dogs.

As for my vets, my vet knows about the flax oil but the vets at the University of Minnesota don't know yet. They probably think Shilo is dead, because I haven't seen them since May.

I believe timing is everything so I plan on sending them a Christmas card with a picture of Shilo and a letter saying he is alive and well. I will explain to them what I have been doing and I will suggest to them that they need to do a study on flax oil and cancer with terminal dogs. Maybe that will floor them. Have any other suggestions?

Ron Conley is working on Shilo's story for an upcoming newsletter. It should be pretty cool.

I have to tell you something, you should get a kick out of this. Shilo, Woodson and myself take the flax oil and cottage cheese. As you can guess I go thru a lot of cottage cheese each week. So whenever there is a sale on cottage cheese I stock up.

Last week I went to the grocery store and saw a sale on cottage cheese, so I bought about 10 containers. They also had a sale on pickles so I bought a couple of jars. So I am going up to the register and getting weird looks from people. The cashier gives me a funny look. I start laughing.

I thought they must think I have a pregnant wife or I have strange food cravings, pickles and cottage cheese. Oh well. I hope everything is going good for you, keep me updated, take care, D242



This was on the Sheltie Naturals list and I thought it would be of interest to you...

Diamond featured in the Whole Dog Journal

In the August 2000 issue of Whole Dog Journal, there is a great article written by Barb Hamlin, a dog owner from Michigan. Hamlin tells the story of her German Shepherd's recovery from soft tissue cancer — which did NOT involve chemotherapy or radiation. Instead, Hamlin employed a nutritional approach she found on the internet...

This approach was developed by a German scientist, Dr. Joanna Budwig, who has written several books about her successes in treating all sorts of cancers with a supplement made of cottage cheese and flax oil. Dr. Budwig's most recent book is 'Flax Oil As A True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Disease, Cancer, and Other Diseases' [and now Cancer — The Problem and The Solution].

Hamlin gave her dog 1/4 cup of low fat cottage cheese and 1 1/2 tablespoons of Barlean's Organic flaxseed Oil two times a day, as well as supplements such as vitamin C, vitamin E, juiced vegetables, and digestive enzymes. She also fasted her dog once a week, and withheld any vaccinations or chemical flea or tick treatments. Within three months, the tumor had Completely disappeared.

Hamlin describes her protocol thoroughly in the WDJ article, which is available for purchase from the publisher, Belvoir Publications, by calling 800–424–7887 .... As of October 2000 Barb reports that Diamond is doing great!

I will be awaiting further experiences to pass on to pet owners.

Also see Fyodor’s story of canine malignant fibrosarcoma healed: after conventional surgery failed, flax oil, quark and “draff” help to cure a dog’s “incurable” cancer.

Addendum: Essiac tea/Flor-Essence/PawPaw Cancer Cure Testimonial (dog) & link tip re healing testimonials of dogs on alternative treatments

(from a Budwig protocol support group)

“My lab was diagnosed with bone cancer in her jaw when she was nine. The vets only gave her a short time to live. I started her on Essiac tea ... and she will turn 14 this fall. The vets call her a ‘miracle dog’."

“Any cancer cells that have not responded to the first round of chemo will never respond to any subsequent rounds of chemo. They are what is known as MDR cells, which stands for multiple drug-resistant cells. You must find another way of stopping of the growth of these cells by means other than chemo. It simply won't work on these cells.

I have a dog with cancer. She began having seizures six months ago. We feared a brain tumor, so I immediately began her on the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. She loves it, looks forward to it and devours every bit of it, but she only got worse and worse. I had to try something else after six months before it got too late.

She is now taking PawPaw and hasn't had a seizure in almost a month. PawPaw targets the MDR cells. Please do an internet search for this wonderful supplement PawPaw. It has a 50–50 success rate, regardless of the type of cancer. When I was battling my own disease two years ago I combined the flaxseed oil with yogurt and PawPaw, but have since found out that these two protocols shouldn't be combined because they basically cancel each other out. Still, I was lucky and am fine today.”

At home.earthlink.net/~texas2step/cancerfightnewsletter.html, you will find “good testimonials of dogs not having any conventional treatment at all ...and being cured with Budwig or supplements.”

Thrombocytopenia in dog dramatically improved

(from a Budwig protocol support group)

A c. 30 lbs dog with thrombocytopenia used to have terrible bleeding episodes every 2 weeks, requiring prednisone to get her through each crisis. A change to a raw diet for 6 months had made no observable change in the dog’s health. A week or two after additionally introducing flax oil/cottage cheese to the dog’s diet, the bleeding episodes stopped and hadn’t recurred by the time of reporting (7 weeks later).

Additionally, the dog’s energy had remarkably increased. Nothing else in the dog’s diet or lifestyle was changed. While initially receiving two tbs of flax oil daily for one month, the dog is now given the mix only every other day.

(Please note that flax oil reportedly has blood-thinning effects, see Budwig FAQ.)

Not every dog may benefit

(from an internet discussion group)

“As far as flax oil and cottage [cheese] — it is unfortunately certainly no cure-all for cancer.  I have had many people try it for their pets, as I did for my own dog — and it did not stop cancer.  Perhaps for some dogs helps them to live longer — ?

And there are probably some "cures" in there as there are for all protocols, given that each body, each cancer is different.    It is always a good thing to try — but not as the end-all cancer support, that's for sure!”

Note by by Healing Cancer Naturally: Three things are important to consider here: First of all, the Budwig protocol was originally devised for humans (although Dr. Budwig mentions the beneficial effect of flaxseed on cattle, for instance). Secondly,  make sure to always use organic high quality flax oil and cottage cheese as well as other foodstuffs.

And thirdly and most importantly, while flax oil and cottage cheese are of central importance, using them alone is a far cry from the true complete Budwig protocol which you can learn from "Budwig Diet — How To Get It Right — The Ultimate Guide". As can be seen from several successful canine cancer healings featured on this site, these have been achieved by observing the other rules of healthy diet and lifestyle stipulated by Dr Budwig as well.

Continue to How to put a dog with cancer on the Budwig diet and regimen and Tips: how to feed the flaxoil/cottage cheese to your pets while avoiding giving them “the runs” (diarrhea).


1 Re recommended dosages, see the detailed explanations given under How to put a dog with cancer on the Budwig diet.

2 Dandelion in addition to being free for the picking is a plant with great therapeutic potential, see Taraxacum (dandelion) medicinal effects.

3 Compare e.g. Budwig FAQ: Is there a possible need for the use of supplemental (digestive etc.) enzymes?.

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