Dr. Johanna Budwig’s Healing Diet & Protocol

Canine terminal skin lymphoma “miracle cure”

Budwig diet helps heal a Golden Retriever’s “incurable” cancer tumor in record time

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(The German original report by I.O. is dated 26 August 2009)

At the end of June 2009 my 10 year old Golden Retriever was diagnosed with cutaneous lymphoma - inoperable and with an estimated six months (or so) to live.

Since I am a qualified holistic health consultant I knew about Dr. Johanna Budwig's oil-protein diet and immediately began to implement it. I noticed the first positive change as early as two days into the diet - Ben started to get more sprightly. Beginning week two, the tumor which had been open before, began to form a scab. From then on, one could see a small change nearly every day.

By the third week, it was very clear that the tumor had decreased in size. My dog’s progress started accelerating in week 4. After some six weeks the entire tumor had healed up and was no longer palpable. For outside observers, this was like a miracle.

If you study the below pictures you can clearly observe the progress he made over the course of week 2 to week 6. Sadly I don't have a picture of his original tumor to show how it looked after diagnosis when it was still open. But I think that even without that, the remaining pictures do give a good insight and can serve to encourage many readers to take charge of their pet's cancer themselves. If you persist with applying the full Budwig diet, success is doable.

Further improvements my dog experienced due to the change in his diet

For the first time in eight years, his wet nose (rhinarium) has become darker, a small spot at the edge of his eyelid which had been lacking proper pigmentation has regained its black hue, his doggy smell is a lot nicer, his fur has become very thick, he loses much less hair than he used to and his weight loss has stabilised.

My dog's Budwig diet plan


Mix 2 tablespoons of quark with one tbs of flax oil and a bit of milk to make a homogenous paste.


Cooked buckwheat, carrots (finely shredded or cooked with the buckwheat) minced (ground) meat (beef, raw) or steamed fish (no pork), ¼ tsp of curcuma [compare Ginger and turmeric fight cancer], herbs (any you like), carrot juice.

Grind 2 tbls of flaxseed with 2-3 nuts (walnuts, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, but no peanuts) and eggshell (use old coffee grinder). Important: grind flaxseed immediately before feeding.

Mix all ingredients listed above.

Blend 2 tablespoons of quark with 2 tbs of flaxoil [pls note that this ratio is a deviation from what Dr. Budwig recommends] and a bit of milk and ladle onto the above preparation. Alternatively you may substitute millet, quinoa or amaranth for buckwheat but I would stay with the buckwheat in the beginning.

Late afternoon

Same as breakfast


Same as lunch (but without eggshell)

Normally, due to his size (he weighs a whopping 40 kg), Ben is being fed twice daily.

The rationale for my now adding two additional mini meals is to allow the flaxseed oil to be continuously available to the body throughout the day (the rapid healing of his tumor corroborates this theory of mine).

I will continue the same regimen for several months to come. I will then gradually reduce the flax oil to three or four tablespoons daily and scrub one of his minimeals. That said, the Budwig diet will accompany my dog for the remainder of his life. Failing this, I am positive that he would suffer a relapse.

With smaller dogs one should adjust the amount of flax oil to their weight. I also think that one should take their state of (ill) health into consideration and allow oneself to be guided by one's intuition.

Photographs showing the progression of my dog’s lymphoma tumor healing from week 2 to 6

Dog’s lymphoma tumor healing, week 2

Dog’s lymphoma tumor healing, week 3

Dog’s lymphoma tumor healing, week 4

Dog’s lymphoma tumor healing, week 5

Dog’s lymphoma tumor healing, week 6

Addendum by Healing Cancer Naturally

In her "Inaugural Disputation" (submitted to the Karolinska MedicoKirurgiska Institute in Stockholm), Dr. Budwig writes on the curative effects of her oil-protein diet, "With Hodgkin’s disease, success is seen quickly, with a rather high degree of certainty, and lasting more than 10 and even 20 years." This is the result she mentions in first place, followed by prostate, breast and brain tumors as well as leukemia. It can reasonably be assumed that she listed Hodgkin’s disease in first place because that is where she saw the most spectacular results - in humans, of course, since she didn't write about her diet's effect on pets.

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